There is few steps involved before you can meet your 3Dtwin...

1. Booking

Please visit our online booking system. 

Choose size of a my3Dtwin figurine.

Select date and time of appointment.

2. Scanning

It only take a split second.

It does not hurt.
It's a lot of fun.
And no, you will not disapear.

3. Data Processing

This very complex step requires skills of an artist, patience and a lot of computing power.

4. 3D Printing

Your my3Dtwin is created with the world finest full colour 3D printer. Detailed shapes, accurate measurements and very lifelike colours are some of the many advantages of our production process.

5. Delivery

After all of the hard work your my3Dtwin is ready for collection or being shipped to your doorstep on request.


my3Dtwin behind the scenes by John Yim