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Three sizes are available: 

my3Dtwin standard up to 6 inches (15cm) for  £120.00

my3Dtwin deluxe up to 8 inches (20cm) for  £175.00
my3Dtwin ultra up to 10 inches (25cm) for  £250.00

Prices apply to a figurine of a single person in stand-up position.


Customisations available: 

  • wide range colours of a base
  • different shapes of a base
  • dedication on a base

Please enquiry for any other options.

sizes and prices of my3Dtwin
my3Dtwin pets

Pets are welcome!

my3Dpet standard up to 4" (10cm) for  £120.00
my3Dpet deluxe up to 6" (15cm) for  £175.00
my3Dpet ultra up to 8" (20cm) for  £250.00


Size of a figurine may vary and depends on pet pose.

Delivery within UK £7.00, EU £12, outside EU £16

All prices include 20% VAT

VAT ID: GB 153 1787 07

Editing, retouching from £20

It takes 7 to 14 days for my3Dtwin to be created from the day of your visit at our studio.