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At the studio we have allocated time slots for appointment so please arrive 10 minutes before so you have time to relax and change if necessary. Sometimes if you are too late there is a chance we will not be able to fit you in, but we will do our best.


While scanning only takes split of a second, please allow for 15-30 minutes of time so we can talk you 

through the process and make sure you are satisfied with the result.



In general


Please be aware that the nature of small figurines can make them very delicate and some details maybe hard to print. This includes very thin parts like a fingers pointed in the air or an arm away from the body or a prop like a musical instrument. These may break when printed on the smallest figurine so we would advise going up a size in some circumstances.


Dogs and cats and even the bird!!!


For the process to be successful the subject must be able to sit still for as long as it takes to
capture the image.

It is advisable to bring your pet’s favourite treat to help them stay in one place for a moment. We
have done some quite spectacular printing of cats and dogs and even birds so it’s worth being
patient. There are some on the web site and in the studio so you can see the results.


Important notes about your wardrobe


Our Photographic process scans surface details, so the more it can see, the better the quality of the
result. Some fabrics and colours work better than others, we have found that subjects dressed in
bright colours and patterned clothing looks great and is more catching. Black sometimes comes out a
bit grey and can lose its intensity.
The fine surface structures found on most cotton or denim fabrics works well but sheer or shinny
fabrics that are too transparent can confuse the cameras from a distance. The cameras will also pick
up the natural curves of the figure and even the creases in shirts. So if you don’t want a crumpled
look get the iron out.


Please avoid the following


Shiny materials like silk or high polished leather on a large scale. Shoes and accessories are fine.
Please avoid too fine fabrics found on a few suits, for example.
Transparent materials like tulle or very thin chiffon on a large scale.
Accessories like bags, backpacks etc. at the size of what you can (easily) carry yourself are welcome.
As are your favourite, mascot or toy.